30+ Geode Wedding Cakes Ideas Make You Forget All Other Cakes

Looking for the hottest cake trend in this wedding season? Geode Wedding Cakes is The big trend now! Because they look stunning and are very yummy, you no longer have to stick with the boring white fondant. Geode cakes use colorful sugar rocks to create intricate crystal formations, resulting in brilliant cracks which look carved right out of the frosting, they often look like works of art.
The cake may be a small part of a wedding, but it is an important one. Wedding guests will remember a delicious and gorgeous cake and it will definitelyfeature in your wedding photos. So it’s time to choose your wedding cake and make sure it matches your wedding theme and color, beside tasting wonderful. More inspiration, look at pics below and you’ll find the wedding cake of your heart!

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#1 Stunning Geode Wedding Cake1
#2 Stunning Geode Wedding Cake
#3 Geode Wedding Cakes
#4 A stunning wedding cake thats made from edible geode crystals
#5 simple geode wedding cake pictures
#6 beautiful geode wedding cake trend
#7 beautiful geode wedding cakes pictures
#8 Pink rose quartz geode wedding cake
#9 Sugar geodes and quartz green and gold tiered wedding cake
#10 geode wedding cake trend
#11 geode wedding cake
#12 Orchids and crystals wedding cakes
#13 Sugar geodes and cake By Natasha Gaskill
#14 geode wedding cake trend pictures
#15 amethyst geode wedding cake trend blue and silver
#16 Baked Crystal Cake
#17 agate geodes wedding cake
#18 beautiful amethyst cake
#19 amethyst geode wedding cake trend 2016
#20 love heart amethyst Geode Wedding Cakes
#21 Geode-Wedding-Cake-Marble
#22 Sweet heart geode wedding cakes
#23 amethyst geode wedding cake trend
#24 Geode-rock-candy-cake
#25 amethyst geode wedding cake trend ideas
#26 Geode Cake by Kake Canmore
#27 Geode cake ideas
#28 beautiful amethyst geode wedding cakedesign
#29 amethyst crystals Geode Wedding Cakes That Will Make You Forget All Other Cakes
#30 Geode Love Heart Wedding Cake
#31 amethyst geode wedding cake trend beautiful

geode wedding cakes trend

Geode wedding cakes are the latest hottest wedding cake trend at Instagram and Pinterest and all pics from them and boredpanda.com .

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