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50 Chic and Stylish Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair!

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Wedding day is probably the dreamy day for every girl. Everything is supposed to be perfect and stylish, including the wedding hairstyles. Compared to wedding dresses, wedding rings, wedding hairstyles are not given too much attention. In fact, they really decide whether your big day will be successful. For brides with short hair, it seems ….  Read More

20 Breath-taking Wedding Hair Accessories to Embrace

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If you have been back and forth choosing the wedding hair accessories, it could be frustrating. In fact, wedding hair accessories add extra style to your bridal look, it helps to complement the wedding hairstyles and the wedding dresses. From crowns to hair chains, there are numerous hair accessories out there that are suitable for ….  Read More

20 Wedding Updo Hairstyles for Black Brides

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[tps_header]Wedding itself is all about celebration. We want everything to be perfect and of course gorgeous. Apart from main items like wedding dresses, wedding hairstyles also really matters a lot, especially for black brides. Wedding updos are really stylish and add a touch of elegance and charm. We totally understand the eager to look gorgeous ….  Read More